Mini USA VP says company has no electric or hybrid plans beyond Mini E "experiment"

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The adorable, yet not entirely practical, Mini E was one of the the first electric vehicles (EVs) produced by a major automaker to grace our roads. Unfortunately, it may also be Mini's last attempt at an electric ever, or at least for a good long time. As reports, Mini USA vice-president of marketing Jim McDowell spoke to automotive journalists regarding Mini's future electric and hybrid plans. McDowell is sparsely quoted throughout the article, but if you piece the bits together, then it appears as though Mini's immediate future will be void of electrics and hybrids.

Rather than give you the patchy quotes, we thought it might be better to bunch his words together. Hopefully, this make it easier to see what McDowell is getting at:
The Mini-E was a great experiment. I'd love to have a Mini diesel. You shouldn't wait for a hybrid. You need space for groceries.
Note of the use of "experiment," combine that with the fact that all current Mini products lack "space" and you get a sense that electrics may not be part of the company's future plans. Oh yeah, we can't overlook that McDowell also mentioned that the company has no other electric plans aside from the upcoming ActiveE and Megacity, both products of parent company BMW.

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