Video: Perhaps this isn't the best way to load your jet ski

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We've all seen people doing really dumb things. You know, the kind of act of stupidity where you'd try to stop them from harming themselves or their possessions if it weren't so riveting to watch. Hell, we've made some pretty heinous misjudgments in our time, but we've never attempted to load a jet ski into the back of a Ford Econoline while said van was partially underwater. That just doesn't sound like a good idea.

While driving a jet ski into a cargo van doesn't make any sense to us, we know of at least one YouTube all-star who thinks otherwise. Well, he probably thought otherwise until the van's rear wheels began having trouble maintaining traction while submerged under water. Hit the jump to watch Darwin's theory in motion. Luckily, it appears that nobody was hurt during this epic fail.

[Source: YouTube]

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