There are certain vehicles that were born to be convertible. The Tata Nano is not among them. The plucky, inexpensive little transporter is somewhat lovable in hardtop guise with its round overall shape and ladybug proportions. The cheapest of cheap cars is just too cute to hate, but make the mistake of pulling back the top sheetmetal, and you've got a sight that can't be unseen. A photo of a drophead Nano has hit the web courtesy of Wheelosphere – a site dedicated to India's blooming automotive world.

Fortunately, for the moment at least, the world won't have to deal with these things in the wild. The cars are apparently kept to the grounds of Tata's Sanand plant and used to ferry visitors from one portion of the complex to the other. That's just as well, really, because the car's semi-monocoque construction probably doesn't take too well to having its roof cut off, and we suspect that structural rigidity is now something of an open question (*rimshot*). If you can peel your eyes away from the missing roof long enough to check out the rest of the Nano Cabriolet, you'll likely spot some sporty step bars and classy side graphics, too. Excellent.

[Source: Wheelosphere]

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