Ed Montgomery, the gentleman who helped usher General Motors and Chrysler through some of the most difficult times in both companies' histories, has stepped down from his position as the Auto Recovery Czar for the Obama Administration. Montgomery had been at his post for just 15 months, during which time he managed to shell out an unprecedented amount of aid for two of America's ailing auto manufacturers. The move kept the lights on, the factories humming and workers paid as both GM and Chrysler worked their ways through bankruptcy.

Montgomery was just named dean of school public policy at Georgetown University, and will likely be spending his days there instead of fretting over whether or not the American auto industry can keep its head above water. Despite things looking up for both bailed-out companies, the Obama Administration says that Montgomery's vacant seat will be filled sooner rather than later, though no one knows who will be picked for the job. Until then, his duties will fall on the shoulders of Larry Summers, the current director of the National Economic Council.

[Source: The Detroit News | Image: Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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