If you thought Porsche was going to cool its jets after rolling out the Panamera, you've got another thing coming. A quick hit of information has crept out of a sales managers' meeting that says we can expect a rash new models to head our way soon. Supposedly, Stuttgart is eying the creation of a new 911 Speedster with a $200,000 price tag and a 408 horsepower mill at the tail end. If true, the car will sport widebody sheetmetal and come equipped with the PDK and two-wheel drive.

There's more. Early 2011 just might bring the 620-horsepower GT2 RS to the US. Buyers will have the option of equipping the car with carbon fiber fenders, but that will likely add to its $245,000 base price.

If that's a little too rich for your blood, you can always opt for a widebody version of the Carrera called the GTS. With center-lug wheels, a sport exhaust and 408 horsepower, the coupe will set you back a still heady $103,100. Porsche also supposedly mulling a Cayman with the same sort of treatment given to the Boxster Spyder – less weight, more power – for around $65,300.

And what of the mighty 918 Spyder? According to the post, dealers haven't heard word either way, but they expect a final answer by the time Pebble Beach rolls around later this summer. We've asked Porsche to verify the above claims, but have yet to hear back, so stay tuned.

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[Source: Team Speed]

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