Hawai'i is no stranger to biodiesel cars or electric vehicles (EVs), but with Better Place's push to get an electric vehicle infrastructure set up (wonder how that's going) we might see an increase in EVs in the islands – as we should. Should that happen, news about the Hawaiian Electric Company shift to renewable energy should cheer up potential EV drivers there.

Hawaiian Electric just got permission to run two of its power plants on biodiesel. Maui Electric will be testing biodiesel in place of petrodiesel over a four-month period this year. While this sounds like a great way to reduce oil use, the biodiesel is sourced from used cooking oil and waste animal fat from the Renewable Energy Group in Iowa and palm oil from Malaysia, so there are still serious environmental transportation costs involved. Given that GM is also pushing for a hydrogen infrastructure in the islands and the abundant possibilities for solar and wave energy there, living in the Aloha State mostly gas-free might someday be possible without totally going off the grid. Don't forget that Hawai'i has ambitious goals to generate green energy: 40 percent of its electricity is supposed to be renewable by 2030. EV drivers, start your motors.

[Source: Brighter Energy]

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