Following the introduction of the Rapide and One-77, and with the miniaturized Cygnet on its way, Aston Martin is turning its attention to its two core model lines. But rather than replace the existing DB9 and Vantage with all-new, ground-up redesigns, word from the UK is that Gaydon is planning thorough revisions of the existing models, including to their chassis and engines.

Both the DB9 and the Vantage are based on Aston's flexible VH platform, which will reportedly carry on for another generation. However Aston's aiming to cut weight by around 10 percent. Although the VH is made of aluminum, the vehicles based on the platform are heavier than they should be. A comprehensive re-engineering of the platform components, as well as the possible use of lightweight composite body panels, should help Aston trim the weight off the next-gen mode – expected to arrive around 2013/14 – thereby helping the company reach EU emissions targets.

The current DB9's V12 engine is also expected to carry on for another generation, although significant revisions are expected there as well. Technologies developed for the brand's racing program will be brought to bear for the road car, although it remains to be seen whether the potential benefits of incorporating direct injection will outweigh the costs involved.

Stylistically, both the DB9 and Vantage are expected to take their cues from the One-77, with a low, wide grille and strong character line running from the signature front-fender vent to the rear, albeit somewhat toned down for the volume models.

[Source: Autocar]

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