TC-Concepts Mercedes-Benz TC 65 "Black Series" – Click above for high-res image gallery

It doesn't get much further up the Mercedes-Benz pecking order than the SL65 AMG Black Series. Before the SLS came along, at least, it served as a rolling example of what the power-hungry speed freaks at AMG were capable of achieving. And in the process, they replaced the SL's folding hard top with a fixed roof in an effort to trim some extra pounds off the roadster's considerable heft. Thing is, not everybody is necessarily ready to sacrifice the flexibility of the collapsible roof in an effort to gain that performance edge.

Enter TC-Concepts, a German tuning garage that has given, "stock" SL65 AMG the Black Series treatment, and kept the origami roof in place. The TC 65 is fitted with a custom body kit, complete with new grille, bumpers and more, plus 20-inch rims and custom interior to give it the Black Series look. But they didn't stop there. By tuning the twin-turbo V12 from 612 horsepower "stock" (there we go again) to 700 even, TC-Concepts has actually surpassed the factory Black by some 30 horses. That may just be enough to compensate for the extra weight of the folding roof, but with the wind wafting through your hair, we doubt you'd even notice.

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