Mitsubishi (the car company) is making strides in the green car world with the all-electric i-MiEV, but the conglomerate with the same name (which owns the automaker) is not getting a lot of love from environmental groups concerned about a new open-pit mine that might be, well, you can see it in the picture above.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is just one group organizing against the Pebble Mine, collecting online signatures on a Petition of Protest to the Mitsubishi Corporation. The NRDC says that Mitsubishi is "behind a mega-mine that will destroy a true wildlife paradise in Alaska" and that:
As part of our worldwide campaign, we delivered more than 100,000 Letters of Protest to Anglo American's annual shareholders meeting in London on Earth Day. Now, it's time to turn the spotlight on another major investor in the Pebble Mine scheme: the Mitsubishi Corporation. NRDC prevailed over Mitsubishi once before when it threatened the world's last untouched gray whale nursery at Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico. Now, we need your help to ratchet up the pressure on Mitsubishi to abandon the disastrous Pebble Mine project.
In April, NRDC delivered an anti-Pebble Mine petition to mining giant Anglo American signed by more than 100,000 Americans. It hopes to send just as many names to Mitsubishi at that company's shareholder meeting later this month. As the NRDC said in an email, "It is unconscionable for a company that sells so many cars, trucks, and electronics in the United States to sacrifice a spectacular piece of America's heritage." Not everyone thinks the NRDC is taking a noble stand here.

[Source: NRDC]

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