VW USA requiring mandatory fitness program before working in TN factory

Get a job, get in shape. Or something like that. Whatever you want to call it, Volkswagen is taking the rather unusual step of putting all of the newly hired production line workers at its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee into a mandatory fitness program before they can begin working.

Why? Good question. According to Volkswagen Chattanooga spokesman Scott Wilson, such bodily training will help the automaker build better midsize sedans by helping employees "perform at the highest level of professional excellence." But wait, there's more...

It seems that the area chosen for the plant is known for its Little Debbie snacks and MoonPies, and that apparently leads to a higher-than-average body mass index (who you callin' fat?). According to Jason Guess, the VW plant's manager of safety, health and wellness, the program is having an impact. In fact, some new hires have reportedly lost as much as 30 pounds after three weeks of training.

We have only one question. Does VW have any plans for a blogger rehabilitation program?

[Source: USA Today]

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