Video: What happens in an Internet car forum

A day in the life of an Internet car forum – Click above to watch video after the jump

Forums are great places for the like-minded to gather and to get information from those who know a subject best. They can also, as comically demonstrated in this vid, be great places for non-enthusiast newbies to get incomprehensible advice and a tongue keyboard lashing to boot.

As created using Xtranormal text-to-movie, the guy on the left has a friend who's a single mother of two and she needs needs reliable transportation. He's come to the forum looking for recommendations. The first suggestion he gets from the guy on the right: a Lotus Elise. It only gets better from there. Click passed the jump to watch an animated exchange that we're guessing you've witnessed – or participated in – at least once.

[Source: Xtranormal via YouTube]

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