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After a weekend of zero track time, the strikingly yellow electric super bike from Lightning Motors took the checkered flag at the finish of the Sunday's Road America chapter of the TTXGP North America series. Starting from the back of a grid of seven, the "flying banana" peeled off from the group just as easily as it did in that first race held at Infineon Raceway. Unlike that circuit, however, the track at Elkhart Lake, WI has over four miles to a loop and offers the kind of real estate preferred by a machine with the kind of power Michael Barnes was aboard and, once he was out in front, he was there to stay. The winning bike from the first race, still bearing a Zero Motorcycles paint scheme though entered under the name "Team Agni," was piloted by Zoe Rem this time around, who easily held down second place. Third position on the podium was won by Thad Wolff, whose Team Electra antique Norton conversion had no problem going the shortened-to-five-laps-from-seven distance after dropping out of the opening race with controller failure. With its throw-back appearance, it certainly looked good doing so.

The remaining two races in the series – Mosport in Toronto and VIR in Virginia – will be held on shorter tracks that should prove more competitive. There is also a month break in the TTXGP North America schedule which should help some teams get their machines up to their potential. The Mavizen TTX02 of Werkstatt Racing, which was ostensibly based on the Agni bike drivetrain hasn't pulled down laps times very close to its progenitor, had to be rebooted (again) during the race and (hopefully) has lots of room to improve. Likewise, we expect Team Electric Motorsport to fare better after struggling with heat issues in this race that may or may not have been related to a qualifying highside incident. For a look at that wet-track crash and the official results, hit the jump.

[Source: TTXGP]

Finished No. Name Team Laps Best Tm Best Speed

1 80 Michael Barnes Lightning Motors 5 2:57.689 82.053
2 22 Zoe Rem Agni Motors 5 2:55.874 82.900
3 37 Thad Wolff Team Electra 5 3:06.374 78.230
4 23 Jennifer Bromme Werkstatt 5 3:20.053 72.881
5 20 James Pooler ElectricMotorsport 5 3:11.849 75.997
6 15 Mike Hannas Electric Race Bikes 5 3:27.094 70.403
7 16 Scotty Ryan Square Wave Racing 4 3:57.668 61.346

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