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It's a precarious game making a racing car for the road. The Caparo T1 never seemed to have gotten off the ground, close as it was to a road-going F1 racer. The Tramontana is just about as close, but at half a million euros, the niche automaker is reportedly having trouble finding buyers.

The solution? Tap into the racing market. According to emerging reports from across the pond, Tramontana is considering replacing the twin-turbo V12 sourced from Mercedes with a Cosworth V10 for the competition model. The British engineering firm is known to many for its Formula One engine program: While it currently supplies 2.4-liter V8s to Williams, Lotus, HRT and Virgin, as recently 2006 it was still building 3.0-liter V10s for Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Cosworth also has plenty of expertise building engines for other racing series as well as roadcars, so there's plenty to tap into to transform the Tramontana from a road-garbling beast to a curb-chomping racer.

[Source: AutoWeek.nltranslated]

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