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Sales of hybrid vehicles continued to follow the rising trend in the month of May. Though the headline accurately states that sales have skyrocketed, everything is relative here and hybrids are not even close to displacing the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) car. For example, sales of the Ford Fusion hybrid jumped 64 percent from April to May, but total sales still only managed to reach a paltry 2,486 units. Not a number that will present any challenge to most ICE vehicles. The perennial best-selling hybrid Prius increased its segment lead once again by racking up sales of 14,248 units.

Overall, the hybrid segment saw a sales increase in May of 18.7 percent versus April and an 8.2 percent jump over May of 2009. Pulling the numbers back into perspective, 27,800 hybrids moved off the lots in May. Compared to the larger overall picture, non-hybrids racked up a total of 1,074,667 sales. So even though hybrids are gaining ground, there's still vast expanses of roads to travel before the ICE can be caught.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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