Palatov DP4 hits the track – Click above to watch video after the jump

Whatever you've spent your motoring money on, whatever car you hold in high regard as the ultimate track machine, prepare to forget about it. The Palatov DP4 is officially on sale, and to celebrate the occasion and demonstrate the go-kart/car/motorcycle half-breed's prowess, Dennis Palatov and his crew of similarly mad scientists decided to show off just what the creation could do. They turned the thing loose on Oregon Raceway Park for a couple of hot laps as a demonstration for potential buyers, and the DP4 consumed all in its path.

Think the Ariel Atom is a pretty quick little piece of kit? Think again, cowboy. We don't know exactly which drivetrain layout this particular car is rocking, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was packing the top of the line turbocharged 1.4-liter Hayabusa engine and Palatov's unique chain-driven all-wheel drive system. What's the price tag for such a beast? Build-it-yourself kits start at $25,910 for a lesser-engined, two-wheel drive variant, but if you want the big guns, get ready to shell out $50,610. Hit the jump to see the devastation for yourself.

[Source: Palatov Motorsports via Jalopnik | Image: XQSME Photography]

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