A recent study conducted by Pike Research found that hybrid powertrains will find a home in some 300,000 medium- (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) trucks and buses by 2015. The study also finds that while North America currently leads the world in usage of hybrid trucks, Asia is expected to take the lead as early as next year and will probably never look back. Here are some of the study's highlights (some very specific):
  • Hybrid and battery electric vehicles have strong potential in MD and HD truck classes
  • In the HD truck segment, the plug-in hybrid won't see strong growth.
  • Fleets that cover long distances will likely adopt HEV technology.
  • The HD plug-in hybrid truck market will grow to 2,213 vehicles by 2015
  • The conventional hybrid HD truck market will grow to 13,938 vehicles by 2015.
  • The battery-electric HD truck market will reach 4,354 vehicles by 2015.
  • The combined, worldwide market for hybrid and plug-in MD and HD vehicles will reach 103,940 vehicles by 2015.
Okay, now that all of the numbers are out of the way, here's what we've gathered from the info. Both MD and HD trucks will utilize hybrid and electric powertrains in increasing numbers over the course of the next five years. The conventional hybrid will dominate, followed by the battery-electric, leaving the plug-in hybrid far behind. This raises a question: should we expect to see similar results in the car market too?

[Source: Green Car Congress, Pike Research]

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