Nissan's division vice president Al Castignetti made quite a bold statement and prediction at the recent groundbreaking event in Smyrna, TN when he said that over half of the 130,000 hand-raisers for the Nissan Leaf, currently own a Toyota Prius. Specifically, Castignetti said:
That's a pretty significant signal to us. It tells us that there is a segment of eco-friendly consumers who are interested in going to the next level. They own a hybrid vehicle. But if the next step is available, they want to take it.
Castignetti went on to predict that current Prius owners will be won over by the Leaf's charm and promise of zero-emissions driving. At the beginning, though, the small number of Leaf buyers will barely put a dent in the Prius' huge sales totals. Castignetti added that many Nissan dealerships are now eager to get the Leaf, adding that all Nissan dealers that plan to sell the Leaf will be required to install at least two charging stations. Larger dealers will be required to install four units, including one for public use by Leaf owners. No word on whether using that public charger will cost Leaf drivers any money or not.

[Source: Autoweek]

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