If Google Trends is an accurate indicator of eventual success, the Nissan Leaf will be a smash hit. At the very least, it looks to be more popular than the Chevy Volt. The latest trends show that interest in the Leaf, as calculated by search volume and news articles, is nearly double that of the Volt. We don't have to use Google as the only indicator that interest in the Leaf is high, just take a look at the Leaf's Facebook page, which lists more than 54,000 fans (something Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is particularly proud of), while the Volt has only managed to rack up 24,000. If you still doubt that the Leaf is leading the online popularity contest, then look no further than the official interest lists for each vehicle. As GM-Volt.com reports, the Leaf's is 130,000 strong, whereas the Volt only has 42,000.

Now, there's no real way to translate these numbers into eventual, actual sales, nor can we predict success based on statistics alone. For that, we'll have to wait until these the new EVs go on sale later this year and the real-world results allow us to crown a champion. Still, current indicators suggest that the Leaf is hot, hot, hot.

[Source: Google trends, GM-Volt, Facebook]

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