Motor Trend is keenly aware of the readership shift to online sources for up-to-the-minute automotive news, that's why it has a blog, a YouTube channel and a presence in social media. Despite the changing paradigm, there are still things that print outlets do more brilliantly than anyone else. There's no way to beat the compact form factor and high-quality display of a blissfully battery-free magazine. Carefully-edited copy, glossy photography from some of the best lenses in the business and eye-catching layout, it all gels when the right cars power onto the pages.
As the web and print find their natural symbiosis, one trend may be toward more specialization and niche focus for magazines. Putting premium, rearview-gazing content into a new vehicle, Motor Trend is relaunching Motor Trend Classic. This has been tried before, but this time around, MT is giving more pages (some penned by our own Jonny Lieberman!) fewer ads, and an aversion to posting the content on the web. So far, the sneak peek has us wanting more, though it's a near certainty that it's just going to take one punk with a scanner to burst MT's bubble about this content never showing up on the web.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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