GMAC Insurance just completed its annual survey of driver knowledge, and the results don't look good. Of those questioned, New York drivers proved to know the least about the rules of the road, with 20 percent failing the written exam and 85 percent not knowing basic information like what to do when approaching a yellow light. The trend continued for most of the North East with the region managing the lowest average test score of 74.9 percent.
Meanwhile, the Mid-West took the highest average test score by region with 77.5 percent average. It turns out Kansas drivers are the most knowledgeable of traffic laws. The state's residents managed to pull down an average test score of 82.3 percent. GMAC surveyed a total of 5,000 licensed drivers from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. for its research, and looked into distracted driving issues as well.

GMAC didn't provide average test scores for the entire nation, but we can guess they're nothing to brag about. Our country's approach to driver's education is outdated and underfunded at best, and hand-me-down at worst. Bi-annual testing, behind-the-wheel training (complete with an understanding of vehicle control in emergency situations) and law-enforcement for infractions other than speeding would be a good place to start. It ain't gonna be cheap, but it certainly would be worth it in lives and insurance costs.

[Source: CBS News | Image: New York DMV]

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