Growing up, we spent most of our innocent youth being envious of the kid down the street. While we were spending our nights stuck in a lame twin bed, he was having the time of his life by catching his 40 winks in a genuine race car bed. Don't let anyone try to tell you life is fair. As it turns out, ASUS is out to help you elicit that same level of epic jealousy in your fellow coworkers with a new line of Lamborghini-inspired laptops.

Both the LX6 and LX7 feature a glossy case with styling borrowed directly from the tail-end of the ever-sexy Gallardo. Under the hood, er case, is a slew of drool-worthy tech, including a dual-core Atom 525 processor and a sound system courtesy of the gurus at Bang & Olfsen. They're sexy, they're over the top and they're everything we would hope a Raging Bull laptop would be. AvusASUS (Thanks, all!) hasn't released pricing on either of the two lappies, but chances are that they'll be considerably less costly than the four-wheeled products from Sant'Agata.

[Source: Engadget]

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