You'd have to be living in a deep, dark hole somewhere in the middle of nowhere to not have heard anything about the massive oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. And you better not come out of your cave just yet, since not a day pass that we don't hear about this continuing disaster. We should be hearing about this, because it's a tragic event and British Petroleum (BP) deserves to take heat for its actions (or lack thereof) that led to the explosion and ensuing catastrophic spill. Even though BP has stepped up by admitting some guilt and has paid out millions to people affected by the damaging oil, this has not stopped several groups from attacking the company.
When environmental disaster strikes, thousands of people go on the offensive. This time around, sites such as GreenPeace and LogoMyWay have set up BP logo redesign contests to see who can design a new logo which better depicts the company's current environmental carelessness. Though most of the designs are excellent, some go way too far. For BP, its environmental image has forever been tarnished by the spill, leading us to think that these contests are just another way to "kick 'em while they're down." Follow the links below to view some of the logos and let us know what you think. Has this all gone too far or does BP deserve everything anyone can throw its way?

[Source: LogoMyWay, GreenPeace, Flickr | Image: Epkes - C.C. License 2.0]

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