The dangers of motorsport – Click above to watch video after the jump

Whether they've earned it or not, Porsche drivers often tend to have a reputation for being, well, less-than-charitable human beings. Maybe it's their steadfast belief in the superiority of their vehicle or the fact that a single 911 Turbo can cost more than most Americans will spend on their first home. Either way, drivers with a Porsche crest on their hood tend to have a bad reputation, even among other high-dollar sports car owners. The video after the jump won't do anything to improve that impression.

From what we can gather from our Google Translator, the kindly gent behind the wheel is none other than Ronald van de Laar. While sitting on the grid during the ADAC GT Masters, the grid girl standing in front of his 911 passes out, either from the sun or locking her knees, and goes down hard.

According to our tipster (who evidently speaks Dutch better than we do), van de Laar can be heard frantically telling anyone within earshot to check his car. As far as we can tell, both the Porsche and the weak-kneed lass were just fine. Thanks for the tip, Thomas!

[Source: YouTube]

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