According to a well-placed source at VWVortex, Volkswagen is set to release official photos of the new 2011 Jetta in about two weeks' time, and while the new compact sedan won't go on sale until sometime this fall, we'll be learning all about the new model over the course of the next month.
While the timing of the Jetta's release isn't a huge surprise (particularly considering the recent rash of spy shots), the real shocker could be the price. For the 2010 model year the cheapest Jetta will set you back $17,735, but word has it that the new model will start at just $14,950.

Volkswagen officials have long lamented how the dollar-to-euro exchange rate affects pricing of its wares, and recently, VW has been working to source more components and systems from dollar-zone suppliers. Hopefully, the drastically reduced price won't come at the expense of de-contenting and cheapening the interior of the new model. High-quality interiors have long been one of the hallmarks of VW products, so it's doubtful that V-Dub would go down market at the same time that Ford and GM are bringing serious competitive products to the segment. Expect more details to follow soon.

[Source: VW Vortex]

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