Virtually every popular car that's also produced in low quantities is subject to dealer price gouging. High demand, coupled with low supply, typically allows dealers to get away with charging customers more than the sticker price for these rare vehicles. We had thought that the Nissan Leaf would be no exception to this trend. However, Nissan's director of product planning for North America, Mark Perry believes that it's not gonna happen with the Leaf.

As Perry told Gas 2.0, the registration process for the Leaf is not like a traditional car sale and that the process of pre-ordering the Leaf will prevent dealer gouging. As Perry said, "The difference in the distribution process is, it's not an allocation to the dealer, it's a customer order, so [the customers] have the control." Basically, Perry is saying that if you head down to your favorite Nissan dealership with your Leaf order slip in hand and the salesperson comes back with a ridiculous price, you can walk away and find another dealership willing to sell you the car for less. This, of course, leads to a couple more questions, like what if none of your local dealers are willing to sell the Leaf for its listed price? What about those people in rural areas with only one Nissan dealership for hundreds of miles? Do they have options?

[Source: Gas 2.0]

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