The Hispania Racing Team has had a rough start this year in F1. The upstart squad has retired seven times in as many races, failing to score a single championship point so far. Which is still better than Virgin has fared so far – and surprisingly Sauber too – but that's no way to enter the field. Now the outfit formerly known as Campos Meta 1 has split with its chassis supplier, with reports indicating it's already looking into another for next season... if not for the remainder of this one.

Rather than design its own chassis from scratch, HRT opted to outsource to veteran constructor Dallara. But despite having managed to reach the grid in time for the start of the season, HRT claims Dallara didn't put in enough testing time. There's no question that HRT needs a better car, but where to find one on such short notice?

According to some reports, HRT is reportedly looking to acquire the TF110 – the car that Toyota would have fielded this year had they not withdrawn – and race that chassis instead. The pair of Toyota cars is reportedly up for sale after another F1 hopeful, Stefan GP, didn't get a slot on the grid and subsequently defaulted on payments to Toyota. The Cologne-based facility is reportedly still in operation, providing services to other racing teams, and could be prepared to support HRT or any other team with the means to make a go of it.

[Sources: Autosport, Axis of Oversteer | Image: Guillaume Baptiste/AFP/Getty]

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