EnerDel Inc. announced plans to open li-ion battery plants in both China and Europe in an effort to triple its battery production by the end of 2011 and meet the expected demand of new partnerships. Though the company currently holds deals with just two automakers (Think and Volvo), it plans to announce two additional customers by the end of the year, one hailing from Europe and the other from Asia.

From building electrodes and cells on up to assembling fully functioning battery packs, EnerDel will do it all in-house at its future Chinese plant. Once completed, this facility should have enough capacity to produce 20,000 battery packs per year. The European plant will operate in a different way. This plant will take cells built at another location and assemble them into fully-functional battery packs. The European site is also expected to have an annual capacity of 40,000 packs by the end of next year. Both sites should be functional by the end of 2011.

Once these new plants are completed, EnerDel will be able to produce 60,000 packs per year around the world, three times its current output. Back in January, EnerDel began to expand its U.S. operations by investing $237 million to open a new plant in Indiana.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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