Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht – Click above for high-res image gallery

We know what you're thinking. What business does a yacht – albeit one as ridiculously lustworthy as the Strand Craft 122 promises to be – have gracing the pages of Autoblog? Somewhat surprisingly, the answer is a garage. And also a supercar. That's right, this ultra-yacht design study comes with an integrated garage in the stern that houses an 880-horsepower V12-powered supercar.

Despite the fact that the designer has shared next to nothing about the supposed supercar (other than the fact that it can theoretically travel at speeds of over 230 miles per hour), we're going to go ahead and start referring to it as the World's Coolest Tender. Feel free to check out the high-res rendering of the machine in our image gallery below.

As far as the yacht goes, we guess that's pretty cool too... what with power coming from twin Rolls-Royce engines along with an optional booster engine sporting over 14,000(!) horsepower and a top speed of 55 knots. Not too shabby, eh? Price? Well, it's all theoretical at this point, but even so, we're guessing we could pool the AB staff's money together and still only come up with enough money for a quick tour of the harbor in one.

[Source: Strand Craft]

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