Coulomb Technologies is slowly but surely expanding the reach of its ChargePoint stations beyond the company's home base of California. Now, two more countries are now part of Coulomb's ever-growing network of customers: Australia and Poland.
Just days ago, Sydney, Australia unveiled the nation's first public ChargePoint Networked Charging Station. The ChargePoint system was installed by Visionstream and is controlled by ChargePoint AU, the company's Australian branch. For now, the new station will mainly be utilized by Sydney's car-sharing program GoGet, which has over 3,000 members. Also, earlier this month, the city of Warsaw unveiled Poland's first ChargePoint system. The charging station was supplied by Coulomb's European partner 365 Energy.

Coulomb's ChargePoint system has been selected by many countries because the system offers the simplicity of networked management and billing. The system has been a popular choice with more than 600 installed in 2009 and thousands more going into action this year. Even with demand increasing, the number of charging stations in use today are a far cry from the 4.7 million predicted by 2015.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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