One lucky pup – Click above to watch video after the jump

If you live in a rural area, odds are you've had that heart-sinking feeling that comes along with hitting an animal with your car. Be it a squirrel, opossum, snake or skunk, no one likes killing another being while driving, an it's made a million times worse by smacking someone's pet. A Chilean driver was recently busting down the local highway when a dog ran out in front of his car. After hearing the thud, the driver apparently realized that the chances of survival were pretty slim and took his ride to a local body shop to survey the damage.

Believe it or not, the technicians found one very scared, slightly roughed-up pup nestled behind the broken front fascia. Workers then set about removing the necessary bodywork to get the dog out and to a vet. So far, there's no word on how the dog's doing or if the owner was located, but we're hoping for the best. Hop the jump to see a remarkable video of the pup getting extricated from the grille of the car.

[Source: YouTube via Carscoop]

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