Being President Obama certainly comes with perks. Giant white mansion? Check. Luxury jet to flit you off to the far corners of the earth at a moment's notice? Check. Bodyguards, chefs, aides, and drivers? Check. Working with some of the most bright and dynamic people in the world on a daily basis? Check. In spite of everything that the President has, however, there is one thing that he has been denied: A hybrid. That's right, according to the President himself, the Secret Service stamped a big, fat "No!" on his request to have the presidential limo – currently a massive Cadillac – employ a hybrid drivetrain.

Apparently, the President's bodyguards think that a hybrid engine would be unable to deliver the performance necessary in an emergency situation. Given that the car has more armor plating than Iron Man, by the time you add all the additional weight of the batteries and the electric drive mechanism, it's likely that the thing would weigh as much as a city bus.

Though the President may be unable to scoot around Washington in one of the increasingly popular green machines, we think his planet-saving side will find solace in a recent announcement: The government has purchased 5,000 new hybrid cars and trucks for federal use.

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