The Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon have never exactly been the sales successor to the S10 throne. While the original baby pickup from General Motors sold like Tastykakes at fat camp, the public has never exactly warmed to the newest generation of short beds. That fact has grown even more apparent in recent months – according to, sales of the Colorado have fallen off 30 percent since last year. But the Colorado isn't alone – small truck sales have plummeted from their once lofty heights, thanks in part to their mediocre fuel efficiency, outdated designs and often surprisingly high price tags. These days, buyers who really need a truck tend to simply step up to a full-size and call it a day.

But word on the interwebs is that The General is legitimately considering cranking out another take on the small pickup – something that would offer vastly improved fuel efficiency, relatively small dimensions and pint-sized price tag. When can we expect the new truck to show up? Who knows, but it can't come soon enough for our tastes.


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