If Albert Einstein were alive today, he'd be very old and quite wealthy. In fact, the world famous scientist still banks about $10 million per year solely from corporations purchasing one-time rights to his likeness. Einstein has been dead since 1955, but an institution is still collecting money on his behalf, and there is a rather substantial price to pay to use his likeness. Just ask General Motors.
The Detroit News reports that The General is being sued by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem for $75,000 over a fall, 2009 print ad that contained Einstein's likeness without the school's blessing. The ad, which appeared in the September issue of People Magazine, features Einstein's head Photoshopped onto the body of a young, muscular guy with the tagline "Ideas are sexy, too."

But while the Hebrew University feels it has an open-and-shut case, GM claims that it purchased the rights to Einstein's image from a reputable firm. GM spokesperson Ryndee Carney told the DetNews that the company guarantees that clients have rights to use the images selected.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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