It looks like Volkswagen may be continuing to raid the global buffet of lesser automakers. According to reports, Malaysian carbuilder Proton has been in talks with ze People's automaker in an attempt to establish some sort of alliance, thought for now details are sketchy at best. Proton has made it clear that it's more interested in upping its exports than anything else. Given that fact, it wouldn't surprise us to see Proton-built machines wearing VW badges in some far-flung corners of the globe.
On the other hand, reports have surfaced that claim that VW has already admitted to looking into sharing platforms and engines with Proton as part of some sort of agreement, and that both companies have already explored badging the current Jetta as a new-and-improved Proton Perdana. Either way, we're told to expect a more solid announcement to come from the two companies by early next month. We'll keep our ears to the ground until then.

[Source: Canadian Business | Image: David Hecker/AFP/Getty]

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