Now here's a juicy rumor. Word on the web is that Chris Bangle may be looking to step back into the auto-design mainstream by revisiting one of his former employers. Don't expect new BMW models to be wearing any of the guy's influences though. From what we understand from our Google Translator, Caradisiac believes that Bangle would be the perfect choice for Fiat to give its products an extra level of pizzazz as the company wades even deeper into international waters.

On one level, the move makes sense. After all, Bangle called Fiat home before he moved to BMW in 1991, and the designer cut his teeth and made a name for himself while working on the likes of the Fiat Coupe way back when. But we haven't heard word one from the designer about making a return to the mainstream auto world.

For now, we'll simply file this one under rampant rumor and wishful thinking. Fiat isn't having any trouble cranking out stylish products, and one would think the company has its hands too full dealing with bringing Chrysler back to life to bring on a big name like Bangle. Doesn't hurt to ponder "what if?" though, especially since the guy's non-compete dried up in March.

[Source: Caradisiac]

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