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In case you hadn't noticed, cafe racers are in. In fact, retro in general has been seeing a resurgence of sorts for the last decade or so, and there's a certain intrinsic charm to motorcycles designed to be sportbikes before the term sportbike actually existed. Established motorcycle brands, such as Ducati with its Sport Classic series and Triumph with its Thruxton, have taken note with production models that ape the design of low-slung classics with dropped handlebars, raised exhausts and sloping seats.

As much as we appreciate those bikes, it's important to note that cafe racers were highly customized by their owners and were therefore much more unique than the bikes they were based on. As such, we're finding ourselves rather intrigued by the CS-1 from Ryca Motors. Starting with the well-known Suzuki S40 (or the Savage, as it was previously known) means that parts and service will never present a problem, and that bike's easygoing 650cc single cylinder powerplant lends itself to the cafe racer look with relatively little effort.

Casey Stevenson, formerly an engineer at NASA, designed the CS-1 to be a fun and fuel efficient machine that could be built on a small budget and sold as a small run of production models and kits. Want one? A check for $9,500 will get you a CS-1 brand new off the showroom floor, and $8,000 will get you a bike built atop a gently used donor. If you already have an S40 or Savage, you can get it converted for $5,500 or you can buy the complete kit for $3,200.

[Source: Ryca Motors via The Kneeslider]

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