M55 Bike EVO 001 born of video games – Click above to watch video after the break

The M55 Bike EVO 001 has a lot of quality tech integrated into its molded aluminum frame to recommend it, but it may also need to rely on its otherworldly appearance to grab the attention of the bustling throngs at this year's Eurobike show where it will officially debut. Looking like it just escaped from a mecatronic video game, the human-powered hybrid helps you up the hills (and over the dales) by responding to pressure on the pedals with an extra electric-powered push. Want more help? Pedal harder.

With the stated desire of building the "Ferrari of electric bikes", the folks at M55 Bike spent three years making multiple prototypes before arriving at the configuration you see pictured above. The 250 unit total production will be split between a model for the street featuring a 250 watt (.34 horsepower) motor and a sport model with a purpose-built brushless DC 1.3 kW (1.74 hp) motivator that's said to take you up to 70 km/h (43.5 miles per hour). Each will boast a battery pack from A123 Systems to help you get going and Brembo brakes to help you stop. As well as having the motor, batteries and control system internalized, the EVO 001 goes the extra distance and gives the lighting similar treatment with the red rear bulbs planted in the frame and the forward-shining LEDs inside the handlebar. M55 Bike plans on continuously updating its website with fresh pics until the official release. Pew pew past the break for footage of the bike's video game origins.

[Source: M55 Bike]

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