A Gainesville, Florida Nissan dealership received a most unpleasant surprise Monday morning as the dealer's showroom floor became engulfed in smoke, with some flames centered in one very unfortunate area. Now we're guessing here, but we would think that if the dealer could save any one vehicle from the fire, they'd pick the nearly $90,000 silver GT-R. Too bad they apparently didn't have time to make the decision.

The Gainesville Sun reports that the GT-R was engulfed in flames when police and fire arrived at the dealership a little while after it closed, burning up much of the vehicle's exterior. The last person to exit the building was the security guard, who did a quick check of the showroom and locked up. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they had to bust down a door to enter the building, and when they got inside, the GT-R was being served flambé-style.

Firefighters don't know exactly how or why the GT-R burst into flames. Reports suggest that there was a light that dropped to the ground, and that light could have started the fire, or it could have dropped as a result of the fire. We don't have any idea what happened to the GT-R, or whether or not it was even driven that day, but you can head over to Gainesville.com for more details and to see a picture of the carnage. Thanks for the tip, Justin!

[Source: Gainesville Sun]

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