Turkey's Autopia Europa – Click above for high-res image gallery

Istanbul, Turkey will reportedly be home to the world's largest auto dealership, called Autopia Europia. The space is so big it's probably more convenient to think of it as an industrial complex, rather than an auto dealer: more than two million square feet, each of the five floors almost 20 feet high, 200 auto sales outlets hawking new and used metal, shot through with 56 eateries, 48 repair shops, 24 banks and 42 insurance companies. And that's just a taste of the options.

Perhaps the most unusual feature of Autopia Europia is the test-drive track on the roof of the building. The building's developers expect six million visitors per year, and we can only imagine they're including a lot of foot traffic in that estimate. With a 900-car parking garage, even with three people in every car, it would take nearly seven years to accommodate that many guests. Construction has just begun so they've probably got a couple of years to crunch those numbers again.

You can have a look at it in the gallery of high-res renderings below, or in the video after the jump. Hat tip to Brian!

[Source: GAD Architecture via dvice]

Autopia Animation final from GADarchitecture on Vimeo.

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