Shawn Higbee #22 and Michael Barnes #80 battle at TTXGP Infineon – Click above to watch video after the jump

There were a lot of appraising eyes turned toward the recent TTXGP race at Infineon. The electric motorcycle undercard was part of the AMA West Coast Moto Jam, but the question was whether it would just be an amusing sideshow for the granola crowd or if it would offer good entertainment for the average fan? With a disparate field of ten motorcycles and some big names missing, it was important to make something of a good impression at the first race of its kind on American soil. The assembled riders didn't disappoint:
"Anyone who thought this was going to be a boring race is completely out of there mind", one of the track announcers stated as his commentating cohort described the fight for first, "They're side-by-side in the six folks."
Side-by-side indeed. Eventual winner Shawn Higbee and 2nd place finisher Michael Barnes, astride very different beasts, performed an elaborate multi-lap ballet for the fans as each struggled to stay ahead of the other. Gripping the handlebars of the Zero Agni entry – which, by the way, was the same Agni bike that won last year's Isle of Man but with a Zero Motorcycles paint job and cooling apparatus – Higbee took advantage of lighter weight and a true sportsbike frame to carry a lot of speed into the corners where he would pass his less-agile adversary. Coming out of the turns, Barnes would get the custom-built Lightning Motors "flying banana" pointed straight, hit the throttle and the EV1-rescued AC motor would seemingly catapult him into the lead.

If want to see some of this AC vs. DC dancing for yourself, make your way past the break for a sweet video from Zero featuring some on-board camera footage. We've also got some bonus clips of the fancy wheelwork from turn 9. If you want to catch the whole race, tune in to TTXGP Twitter feed, where exact channels for different markets will be announced for this Friday's showing.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles / TTXGP]

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