SunHydro, Proton Energy get to work on east coast Hybrogen Highway

When hydrogen cars become available to the general public, they will start in California. This is pretty much an accepted truth among people who follow the green car scene today, but SunHydro/Proton Energy thinks that truth needs to be changed to include the east coast.

In January, SunHydro announced it would work on a nine-station hydrogen highway running from Maine to Miami. Last week, Proton Energy Systems broke ground on the first station in Wallingford, CT. The second station is planned for Braintree, MA and all nine are scheduled to be completed by 2012, well before the expected widespread roll-out of H2 vehicles in 2015.

Unlike some hydrogen generation stations that use natural gas to make H2, SunHydro stations would use solar energy to electrolyze water. The company's tagline: "0 emissions, 100% off the grid." That sounds good, but Proton president and CEO Rob Friedland told the Hartford Business Journal that the stations will operate at a loss for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Roy B. for the tip!

[Source: Hartford Business Journal]

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