The 1979 BAAAAD1 Datsun Z – Click above for image gallery

There are many, many words you could use to describe this car, but the one we'll use comes straight from the seller: "unreal." Indeed. This 1979 Datsun is also called "The wildest Z on the planet period," which we would never contest based on looks alone. When you add the custom headers into side pipes, four-barrel Holley carbs, full roll cage and the Subaru rear end we might even throw "embarrassment of riches" into the mix. And we thought we knew what a rear wing was, but oh, we had so much to learn.

It's in Nevada if you're interested, and the sound is said to be so glorious that the seller will play it over the phone for you if you wish. At the time of writing, the bids were up to $13,105, but you don't have long on this one, so check it out in the gallery below before heading over to eBay to make your move. And please keep it above the belt when commenting on the photographic embellishment...

[Source: eBay via Hooniverse]

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