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Nearly everyone has been skeptical of the claims put forth by BYD from day one. From outrageous range estimates, to production dates that simply couldn't be met and prices that seemed far too low to be reasonable, there's been reason to doubt the company for some time. So with a bit of reluctance, here's the latest announcement from BYD's public relations manager, Du Guozhong, in which the automaker claims the company's E6 electric vehicle has passed all U.S. safety tests including battery-related assessments. We don't have any validation that points to actual test results, so needless to say, take BYD's claim with a bit of caution and a shaker full of salt.

The company also threw out a few more tidbits of information, including claims that BYD would like to bring the E6 to the U.S. at a target price of around $40,000. BYD hopes to have the E6 ready for U.S. consumption before the end of the year, though this seems doubtful. Again.

[Source: PeopleDaily]

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