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Wow, it sure didn't take long for pre-orders of the Nissan Leaf to exceed the company's current production capacity. In just a few short weeks, Nissan has tallied around 17,000 pre-orders from interested U.S. and Japanese buyers, exceeding initial capacity. So now what? Well, Nissan is working on a solution as we speak. The company will try to allocate additional capacity for the Leaf, but there's no guarantee it can be done in time for expected deliveries.

As it stands, Nissan has enough capacity to deliver around 12,000 Leafs by next March, but that means the company will fall well short of meeting demand at the rate pre-orders continue to come in. Still, that's a better problem to have than too many Leafs and not enough interested buyers. Assuming Nissan doesn't find a quick-fix to grow more Leafs, production capacity for the new EV will grow after the car's U.S. and UK production sites come on-line within the next few years. But right now, a few years is really a few too many.

[Source: BusinessWeek via LeafDrivers]

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