Video: Frogman Rocket II Trike stars in short film, is our kind of crazy

Frogman Rocket II – Click above to watch video after the jump

Early last year, our very own Drew Phillips spotted the Frogman Rocket II doing its best to blend in among the other, less-outrageous creations at the Grand National Roadster Show. At the time, he wondered what it must be like to throw a leg over a trike powered by a supercharged Hemi V8 with over 1,000 horsepower. Now we know. The owner is a kindly soul by the name of Tim Cotterill who decided to have a short film made about the creation.

The action focuses mainly on long, dreamy shots of the Rocket II doing what it does best – generating speed and shoveling bucketfuls of fuel down the engine's throat via two Holley double pumpers. The sound of this thing is beyond intoxicating, and the craftsmanship only helps to return us to our wide-eyed elementary school selves. Crafted by none other than the Blastolene – the same crew that's responsible for Jay Leno's tank car – the Rocket II wears the kind of over-the-top style that makes us downright giddy.

Hit the jump to see the 10-minute feature for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Brian!

[Source: YouTube]

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