Lexus CT200h commercial - Click above to watch video after the jump

When we heard that Lexus was debuting a new commercial for the upcoming CT200h hybrid, we just couldn't wait to see it. So we sat down, viewed the brief flick and asked summarily ourselves, "What the heck was that?" Usually a commercial explains the car's purpose or shows us some features of the vehicle, but that's not the case here. Unless stealing hybrid technology is an actual threat, we're not really sure what this commercial is trying to tell us about the CT200h.

The commercial is part Lexus's "Dark Side of Green" campaign, and the CT200h is one of the company's upcoming hybrid vehicles. The commercial opens with a dark, almost eerie feeling. A helicopter whizzes around as several characters take to the screen. Accents are so thick that words are easily misunderstood... but there's some talk about stealing hybrid technology, fleeing to LA, busting heads and loss of memory. The commercial just struck us as really dark and odd, but we're itching to find out what you think of it so watch the video after the jump and let us know if it's odd, ingenious or something else altogether.

[Source: YouTube]

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