The graphical representation above really tells the whole story here, but we'll try to offer up a little extra insight anyway. Deloitte Consulting conducted a widespread survey covering several aspects of the automotive industry, and you can read the whole report here. The graph above illustrates just one finding, but it really paints a picture of the overall results of the survey.

What the image shows is really quite simple: buyers trust brands that they are familiar with. When Deloitte asked, "From whom would you be most likely to purchase an EV?" respondents placed Toyota, Honda and Ford on top whereas automakers such as Chevy, Nissan and Tesla scored far lower, despite the fact that each company has or will have an electric vehicle on the market soon.

Now this is certainly goods news for the big names like Toyota and Ford, but does not bode well for smaller players in the market. The results of the survey suggest that smaller companies may be well-served by merging with some of those big names and that might just happen as automakers move into the unpredictable EV market. With Fisker pulling in a goose egg and Tesla at a paltry two percent, something has to be done, right?

[Source: Deloitte Consulting]

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