The cash register says $50 million dollars went into the car freshener business last year – an $8 million drop from the year before – and that means a lot of pine, rain, and cinnamon apple fragrance into car interiors. At an average price of $2.65, that put nearly 19 million air fresheners in circulation in 2009, and the between scent creators and scent removers, the olfactory onslaught won't be letting up this year.

Instead of more purchases being made, however, industry reps say the profusion of flavors are where the money trail leads. Little Trees' (pictured) site alone offers 97 different odiferous options. Black Ice, which replicates the scent of men's cologne – whatever that means – is the runaway hit in Michigan. We thought it odd enough that people wanted their cars to smell like pine trees, but men's cologne? Really?

[Source: The Detroit News]

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