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Mini made a bold decision to offer its electric prototype to consumers for a year-long trial. Sure, there were a few issues here and there, but the overall experience was reportedly quite enjoyable. As BMW gets ready to mass produce electric vehicles ( EVs) soon, the company wants to see just how much current Mini E lessees really love their little cars. To that end, the company has offered year-long lease renewals to all individuals who currently have a Mini E, fleet customers excluded.

According to the company, half of all current lessees agreed to the extension and will therefore get another year behind the wheel of the Mini E. This time around, lessees will only be charged $600 per month, a reduction from the previous monthly lease rate of $850. Now, we're sure that the reduced price had some effect on customer renewals, but it's still quite remarkable to see that interest in this little EV has not waned after a years' worth of seat time.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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