While Brilliance takes its leave of the European market for product unbecoming, another Chinese manufacturer, Great Wall, is planning to penetrate further into Europe. The company has been in global markets for about ten years and expects to ship 60,000 vehicles internationally this year, a return to its 2008 number. Some of those will include the Wingle pickup (pictured) that currently goes to Italy and Bulgaria.

Great Wall has three other offerings certified for the Euro-zone: the Hover SUV, the Florid, and the wonderfully named Coolbear sedan. Next year it will begin assembly of those vehicles in Bulgaria, but for the moment it looks like the Wingle will continue to lead the charge. Great Wall wouldn't say what the next market would be beyond "a Northern European country." That region might also give the Wingle more practice at how to cross a body of water, if you know what we mean.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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